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FusionFuture and Present WorthFuture of Fusion
Gas-Loaded Heat PipeGas TurbinesGeneralized Governing Equations
GenerationGeneration, Transmission, and Distribution of ElectricityGeothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy Additional InformationGeothermal Energy ExercisesGeothermal Energy Summary
Geothermal Heat PumpsGeothermal ResourcesGlobal Issues
Global WarmingGlobal and Local Wind PatternsGlobalization
Globalization and the EnvironmentGlossaryGoods and Bads
Governing Equations for Internal Turbulent FlowGoverning Equations for Laminar Film Condensation of a Binary Vapor Mixture
Governing Equations for Natural ConvectionGoverning Equations for Porous Media
Governing Equations of Chemical Vapor DepositionGoverning equations for natural convection
Governing equations for natural convection on a vertical plateGoverning equations for transport phenomenaGravity dominated film-condensation in a porous medium
Gray surfacesGreenhouse Gases
Half-lifeHealth Effects of Electromagnetic RadiationHeat
Heat (Thermodynamics)Heat Engine
Heat Pipe Analysis and SimulationHeat Pipe ApplicationsHeat Pipe Characteristics
Heat PumpHeat Pumps
Heat Transfer Coefficient for Dropwise CondensationHeat Transfer CorrelationsHeat Transfer Limitations of Heat Pipes
Heat Transfer Predictions for Forced Convective BoilingHeat Transfer in Fully-Developed Internal Turbulent Flow
Heat Transfer in Nucleate BoilingHeat and Temperature
Heat and mass transferHeat conductionHeat conduction from buried object
Heat conduction in extended surfaceHeat of CombustionHeat pipe Start Up
Heat pipesHeat transfer in the thin-film region of an axially-grooved structureHeat transfer predictions for forced convective condensation
Heterogeneous Bubble GrowthHigh-energy radiation-surface interactionsHigh Prandtl Number Fluids
Historical Development of Heat PipesHistory of ThermodynamicsHomogeneous Bubble Growth
Homogeneous Flow Model for Two-Phase FlowHomogeneous modelHuman Body as a Machine
Hybrid SchemeHybrid VehiclesHydro Energy
Hydro Energy ExercisesHydro Energy SummaryHydroelectric Energy
Hydroelectric Power GenerationHyperbolic modelImage Test
Imperfect Competition: Monopoly and CartelImportant phenomena and applications thermal radiation in periodic gratingsIncentive-Based Legislation
Indoor Air PollutionInformation technologyInfrared sensing, cameras and photography
Inside the atomInstability Analysis of Natural ConvectionInstability analysis of natural convection
Instability of thin liquid film
Integral approximate method for solidification of binary solutionIntegral approximate solution of melting and solidification problems
Integral conservation of mass species equationIntegral continuity equationIntegral energy equation
Integral entropy equationIntegral governing equations
Integral momentum equationIntegral solution for laminar and turbulent natural convection
Integral solution for natural convectionIntegral solution of boundary layer equationInterface Shape at Equilibrium
Interfacial Thermal ResistanceInterfacial mass, momentum, energy, and species balances
Interfacial phenomenaInterfacial resistance in vaporization and condensationIntermolecular forces
Internal Combustion EnginesInternal EnergyInternal forced convection
Internal turbulent flowInternational Trades
Introduction to Heat TransferIntroduction to Momentum TransferIntroduction to transport phenomena
Inverse heat transfer problems (IHTP)
Inverse radiation design problemInverse radiation problemsInverted Meniscus Heat Pipe
Ionizing RadiationIs there a right amount of pollution?Isotopes
Jump and boundary conditions at interfacesK-epsilon ModelKinetic theory
LBM for multiphase flowsLagrangian AveragingLagrangian approach
Land VehiclesLarge Eddy Simulation
Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition (LCVD)Latent heat
Lattice Boltzmann Model (LBM)Leidenfrost phenomena
Light pipes and fiber opticsLoad and Capacity
Loop Heat PipeLow Prandtl Number FluidsLumped analysis
Macroscale laser-surface interactionsMagnetic polaritons
MagnetismMain PageMarine Vehicles
Mass transfer
Maxwell relationsMeasurements and instrumentation
Measuring RadiationMechanical Efficiency and Mechanical AdvantageMechanical Energy
Mechanical Energy ExercisesMechanical Energy Summary
Melting and solidificationMelting and solidification in porous media
Melting in a Rectangular Enclosure Heated from the SideMicro- and Nanocroscale Heat TransferMicro/nanoscale thermal radiation in periodic gratings
Micro and Miniature Heat PipesMicroscale heat conduction
Minimum Heat FluxMixed (Dual) EconomiesMixing Length Model
Mixture model for solidification of binary solution
Molecular Level Presentation (Thermodynamics)Molecular dynamic simulationMolecular level presentation
Momentum, Heat, and Mass TransferMomentum, heat and mass Transfer
Momentum equationMoney
Monogroove Heat PipeMulti-Fluid Model (MFM)
Multi-fluid modelMultidimensional Convection and Diffusion ProblemsMultidimensional transient heat conduction
Multimode heat transfer with radiationMultiphase Mixture Model (MMM)
Multiphase Transport
Multiphase systemsMultiphase transport in porous mediaNanoscale surface modification for tailoring radiation properties
NanotechnologyNatural ConvectionNatural Convection in Encloses: Scale Analysis
Natural Convection in EnclosuresNatural Convection in Melting and SolidificationNatural Convection over Cylinders and Spheres
Natural Convection over Inclined and Horizontal SurfacesNatural GasNatural convection
Natural convection in annular space between concentric cylinders and spheresNatural convection in melting and solidificationNatural convection in rectangular enclosures
Natural convection on cylinders and spheresNatural convection on inclined and horizontal surfaces
Navier-Stokes equationsNear-field radiative energy transferNear-field radiative energy transfer between sphere-sphere and sphere-flat surfaces
Near-field radiative transfer between two semi-infinite mediaNear-field thermal radiationNear-field thermophotovoltaics
Net radiation method for diffuse surfacesNewtonian fluidNomenclature
Noncontinuum Approach for Interfaces and Free SurfacesNonconventional Heat PipesNongravitational condensate removal
Nongray SurfacesNuclear EnergyNuclear Energy Additional Information
Nuclear Energy ExercisesNuclear Energy SummaryNuclear Fuel
Nuclear Power and Public OpinionNuclear Power and the EnvironmentNuclear Radiation
Nuclear Radiation Additional InformationNuclear Radiation ExercisesNuclear Radiation Summary
Nuclear ReactorsNuclear WastesNuclear Weapons
Nuclear versus Chemical ReactionsNucleate BoilingNucleate Boiling in a Wicked Surface
Nucleate Site DensityNucleation and Inception
Numerical Simulation of Interfaces and Free Surfaces
Numerical Solution of 1-D Steady ConductionNumerical Solution of 1-D Unsteady ConductionNumerical Solution of Flow Field
Numerical methods and approximations for thermal radiation in periodic gratingsNumerical simulation of interfaces and free surfaces
Numerical simulation of melting and solidificationNumerical solution of heat conductionNumerical solution of internal convection
Numerical solution of multi-dimensional unsteady-state conductionNumerical solution of phase change Problems
Ocean Thermal Energy ConversionOil Shale and Tar SandsOne-Dimensional Steady-State Convection and Diffusion
One-dimensional photonic crystalsOne-dimensional steady-state heat conduction
One-dimensional transient heat conduction in cylinderOne-dimensional transient heat conduction in finite slabOne-dimensional transient heat conduction in semi-infinite body
One-dimensional transient heat conduction in sphereOne-dimensional unsteady-state heat conductionOne-region melting in porous media
Opaque Surface Property DefinitionsOpen Access and the Tragedy of the CommonsOperation Principles of Heat Pipes
Origin of EnergyOther Filmwise Condensation ConfigurationsOutdoor Air Pollution
OverviewOverview of Solidification of a binary solution systemOzone
Penetration depth in nanoscale thermal radiationPerfect Competition: Efficient MarketPetroleum
Phase and chemical equilibriumPhase averaging model for solidification of binary solutionPhase change
Phase equilibrium in microscale interfacial systemsPhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis in Water
PhotovoltaicsPhysics of Fusion
Planck distribution
Pollution and greenhouse effectPool Boiling Regimes
PopulationPorous mediaPower
Power GenerationPower Generation by BiomassPower Generation from Waves
Power RequirementsPredictions of real surface properties for radiationPressure (Thermodynamics)
Pressure Correction EquationPressure measurements and instrumentationProcess-Based Legislation
Properties of participating mediaProperties of pure substances
Pulsating Heat PipeRadiation
Radiation in participating mediaRadiation measurement and remote sensingRadiation properties of real surface
Radiative heat transfer between two areasRadiative transfer equation
Radiative transfer through transparent mediaRadiosity, irradiation, and net energy transfer
Rarefied vapor self-diffusion modelRayleigh-Taylor InstabilityRectangular Enclosures