Near-field radiative energy transfer between sphere-sphere and sphere-flat surfaces

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Near-field thermal radiation between two spheres was first reported by Volokitin and Persson [1] by assuming them as dipoles. When there are two spherical nanoparticles whose dielectric constants are ε1 and ε2 , the spectral power dissipated in particle 2 by the electromagnetic field induced by particle 1 can be written using the dipolar approximation as



where x2 is the position of the particle 2 and α2 = 4πR32 − 1) / (ε2 + 2) is the polarizability of a sphere of radius R having the relative permittivity of ε2. The electric field incident on the particle 2, Einc(x2,ω), is created by the thermal fluctuating dipole of particle 1 at Temperature T1 :



where \rm \overline {\overline G}_e (x_2,x_1,\omega) is the electric dyadic Green’s function between two dipoles in vacuum and expressed as [2]