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Additional Information Books 1. Bodansky, Nuclear Energy Principles, Practices, and Prospects, Second Ed., Springer, 2004. 2. Seaborg, G., T., Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, University Press of the Pacific, 2005. Periodicals 1. International Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Design, Direct Science Elsevier Publishing Company, devoted to the Thermal, Mechanical, Material and Structural Aspects of Nuclear Fission. 2. Journal of Fusion Energy, Springer Netherlands. It features articles pertinent to development of thermonuclear fusion. Government Agencies and Websites 1. Federation of American Scientists ( 2. International Atomic Energy Agency ( 3. DoE Office of Nuclear Energy, Science & Technology ( Non-Government Organizations and Websites 1. American Nuclear Society, ( 2. World Association of Nuclear Operator (WANO) (


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